100% Satisfaction Guarantees

System Tune
Tune-up and Repair Guarantees
  • When it is time for your heating or air conditioning system Precision Tune up we will recommend the proper repairs and should it break down after we have performed the Precision-Tune-up this season, we will refund the money you spent on your system Precision-Tune-up, and put it toward the repair costs!
  • If a repair fails during the season, we will repair it again absolutely FREE!
System Replacement Guarantees
  • Lifetime Warranty – to perform as designed and be free of defects for the lifetime of the system.
  • Lifetime Air Balance Guarantee – where we install an entire system, the air temperature will stay within 2 degrees between rooms or we will rebalance it free.
  • First Year Energy Savings Guarantee – the equipment will operate at a reduced amount of energy units based on Energy Star® guidelines for one season.
  • First Year Quiet Guarantee – the equipment will operate within 10%+/- of its designed decibel levels per manufacturer’s specification throughout the year.
  • 24-Hour Livability Guarantee – during the equipment warranty period we will provide heating or air conditioning within 24 hour of notice or we will put you up in a hotel until your system is repaired.
  • We also honor all manufacturer’s parts and labor warranties. (we can’t guarantee all manufacturer’s labor warranties, only Goodman because we are a Goodman/Amana dealer. we can honor all parts warranties)
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